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Concert Series: Ring, Bells, Across the Earth


Music is for everywhere, and so are bells—
and that’s what our spring concert
“Ring, Bells, Across the Earth” is all about.
Original handbell compositions?
We’re premiering one.
Bells playing Mozart? You know it.
Bells in towers? Got you covered.
In worship? We’re there.
Dancing an Argentinian tango?
Oh yeah, we went there.
So join us and see just how much bells can do!

Friday, April 29 | 7:30 pm
Arlington Height United Methodist Church - Fort Worth

Tuesday, May 3 | 7:30 pm
Custer Road United Methodist Church - Plano

Suggested Donation for each concert:
$10 Adults / $5 Seniors/Students


North Texas Giving Day - 2015!!

Friends of Concert Bells of Fort Worth are Fabulous!

Whether the contributions are fueled by generosity of spirit, love of music, or even a nagging family member, CBFW gratefully acknowledges all of our financial supporters! CBFW will happily accept gifts year-round, but we especially want to take advantage of the opportunity offered each year by the North Texas Giving Day. This oneday portal, organized by Communities Foundation of Texas, is an avenue through which non-profit organizations such as CBFW can accept donations from individual supporters and be eligible for matching funds from the Foundation.

On September 18, 2015, the North Texas Giving Day proved to be the perfect opportunity for us to raise money for “A#” addition to the lower bass bell section. The new bell—an aluminum Bb/A#2, with its case—is priced at $2,925.00. In one day, you helped raise more than $3,000.00! With the matching funds offered by the Foundation, we will have even more. We made our goal! The additional funds will be put towards expenses such as sheet music and our director’s stipend. You can see how your gifts contributed to the expansion of our instruments, and now we invite you to come hear what a difference this new bell makes to our music!

Below: Everyone wants to be first to ring the new Bb/A#2 bell (L to R: Lynn Tedford, Alys Lindholm, Valerie Martin, Nicole Culp, Elizabeth Garvin, Brenda Swindle, Kari Daelke, Carol Lynn Mizell and Cindy Karm)



We love the NEW Bass Sound of our lower 7th octave chimes!

Read Pam Adam’s fabulous article about our new chimes that made their debut in our Spring 2015 concerts! (PDF)


Signup for the 2015-2016 Kroger Community Rewards® Program

Do you shop at Kroger? Link your Kroger Reward card to Concert Bells of Fort Worth and CBFW will receive additional funding through Kroger’ Community Reward Program.
CBFW Kroger Number is 81021.
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Our latest CD “Radiance”
is available for sale!CBFW_CDMockup_300x192

It has been quite a few years since we produced our last CD “Christmas Favorites” and now the long wait for our next CD is now over.

We have really enjoyed putting this new collection of spiritually invigorating pieces together. Some are original handbell compositions and others are inspired arrangements of old favorites. Visit the our store page to see a complete track listing.

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We Need YOU!

Thank you to all who have supported us over the years.
Your contributions have been an important part of our success.
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See What People are Saying…

Thank you to everyone who has had wonderfull things to say about Concert Bells.

I heard and INCREDIBLE concert last night by the Concert Bells of Fort Worth. Their technical mastery was astounding and their musicianship was first rate. They didn’t just play the music. They WERE the music. Congratulations to music director Stephanie Rhoades and the entire group!”

Michael Joy
Handbell Composer and Clinician

The Concert Bells of Fort Worth “wowed” us all with an exciting concert during the Area IX Festival. Their performance was clean, sparkling and oh, so musical! Kudos to every ringer AND the director!!”

Anna Laura Page
Handbell Composer and Clinician

Concert Bells of Fort Worth, under the direction of Stephanie Rhoades, gave a concert that was nothing short of brilliant. With their concert titled “Young at Heart,” they wowed the audience with their musical precision and mastery. The selections they shared were a perfect combination of toe-tapping, young-at-heart music with occasional unexpected antics blended with pieces displaying the depth of soul the entire group has for music and handbells.”

Scholarship Recipient
Area IX 2010 Festival

Concert Bells ring with an enthusiasm and sparkle that engages the listener. Precision in the execution of simultaneously rung notes and accurate ringing clear the way for their beautiful musical expression to thrill the listener. The ensemble’s dynamic palate extends from the softest of pianissimos to the loudest fortissimos. Concert Bells are a “must hear!” I am very proud that I am a part of the history of this outstanding ringing ensemble!”

Beth Judd, 2010

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