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Friends Shopping

You can help us while doing your normal shopping. Do you know how?

  • There are grocery programs with Kroger and Tom Thumb
  • Online shopping can earn money for Concert Bells through iGive or OnCause
  • Do you use credit/debit cards?
    Link them to Concert Bells through OneCause to earn money for CBFW
  • Use for internet search - each request earns CBFW $.01

The details to all of the programs are below.

Grocery Shopping

Help CBFW by linking your Tom Thumb and Kroger preferred cards to Concert Bells.

Kroger’s Community Rewards®

  • Kroger Community Rewards® makes fund-raising for Concert Bells easy...all you have to do is shop at Kroger and swipe your Plus Card!
    1. Visit Kroger’s Community Rewards Program Page
    2. Sign In or Create an Account to Enroll.
    3. Follow the online instructions. They appear to be very straight forward.
    4. When prompted, enter Concert Bells organization number - 81021 - Click “SEARCH”
    5. Select Concert Bells of Fort Worth Inc as the organization you wish to support - Click “SAVE”
    6. Go to your Account Settings. From this page you can confirm that your Reward Card is connected to your onine account, verify that Concert Bells is your chosen Community Reward recipient and update/edit anything other information pertaining to your account.
    Your Kroger Plus Card will now be linked to Concert Bells.
    Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Tom Thumb

  • Get a Reward Card, if you don’t already have one.
  • Present it to the cashier before your order is scanned, and ask that it be linked to organization number 8040. This linking needs to be done only once.
  • Thereafter, whenever you use your Reward Card, CBFW will receive a rebate.

Other Shopping

Helping Concert Bells through these programs listed below costs you nothing. You pay exactly the same amount as you would pay for these purchases without sending a rebate our way. So why not participate and support the arts through your regular shopping?

SEARCH and SHOPPING on the the web can help Concert Bells of Fort Worth!

iGive offers the opportunity to easily raise money for Concert Bells. Using the the iSearchiGive search engine, you will earn a penny a search. When shopping at brand name online stores through the iGive Mall a portion of each purchase is donated to Concert Bells. SAVE money with exclusive coupons/free shipping deals. Plus, when you shop within 45 days of registering we’ll donate an extra $5 to Concert Bells! With over 680 participating stores, it's easy to find the things you need AND support a good cause.

  • Login if you are a member (register if you aren’t, and be sure you designate Concert Bells of Fort Worth as your “cause”), and window shop. It’s free, safe, and easy to join.
  • Shop through OR just surf their stores.
  • iGive’s online mall features trusted online retailers like Landsí End, Staples, NORDSTROM, JCPenney, eBay,, Barnes & Noble, QVC, & PETsMART to name just a few!
  • Up to 26% of EACH purchase is donated, plus a bonus $5 donation if you shop within 45 days.
  • MORE INCENTIVES for Shoppers:
    • SALES & COUPONS to save you money
    • VIRTUAL KARMA from supporting CBFW
    • $5 FREE donation when you shop within 45 days!
    • Use the iSearchiGive internet search tool and $.01 will be added to the Concert Bells Cause
    • Go to the iGive website.

Support Concert Bells of Fort Worth!

It is easy to support Concert Bells of Fort Worth.
Our Shopping and Reward Card programs make it a breeze to contribute without any hassle.
OR... support CBFW by becoming a Friend or purchasing our CD.
Your patronage will surely be appreciated.

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